Ep. 113 – 5 Min or Less: I can see through your stage character!

5 min or Less

I can see straight through your “stage-character!”

There is a reason 30 days is not enough to get to the underlying issues and the root of the problem.

Every client comes into treatment presenting their stage character. This is the person that they want everybody to think they are, so they can get the reputation they think they deserve.

Funny thing is, this usually gives way after about three weeks. When a client is under the watchful eye of a facility, they can only keep their character defects hidden for so long.

Their true character will eventually come out. This is a good thing.

It exposes the truth about their personality and character. A personality and character that must change in order for an individual to attain long-term sobriety.

My sponsor told me, I didn’t have a drug and alcohol problem; I had a personality problem.

So let me ask you. If it takes a treatment team around three weeks to see what the underlying issues are, how are we supposed to fix that in a remaining week? This is assuming the client committed to 30 days of treatment. This is why it is so highly recommended that somebody commit to around 90 to 120 days at minimum.

Years of drug and alcohol addiction can not be undone in 30 days! This is assuming, you are of course the real deal addict or alcoholic. 

In my case, I have the PRIVILEGE of participating in recovery everyday for the rest of my life! And it is awesome!