Ep. 119 – Why it is so important to help others!

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Today Ben and I will talk about the importance of helping other people in sobriety and why this is significant for your own recovery. When we help other people, we are helping ourselves, which is, in essence, selfish. However, this is a definite form of selfishness because when we help others, we are also assisting ourselves in not only their recovery but our own recovery.

In this episode, I talk with Brad Jensen, the founder of Key Nutrition, who is in recovery. He comes to us today to talk about how fitness and health have positively impacted his sobriety. Brad also talks about his struggles with sobriety. He’ll talk about his experience, his awareness of the three pillars to life, and how he can assist clients with his coaching to be more successful on the path of sobriety.

Ben talks about a quote he learned, “The best way to get out of your own shit is to jump into someone else’s shit.” There are days and situations where you may feel down regardless of what you do to get yourself out of feeling low. When I start helping someone else, my positive state of mind when helping others definitely changes my attitude.

At Real Rock Recovery, we work with the local church and nursing home as an opportunity to help others, which keeps up humble and appreciative of what we have in life. Finding joy and peace in helping others, especially when mentoring other addicts, creates a sense of gratefulness for what you have.

Listen in to find out how you can become grateful for what you have, what you can give others, having the ability to become a sponsor, and give others their medallion. Find out what type of commitments Ben has made at H & I’s and how he feels rewarded by using his time to help others. Find out what Ben has to say to others who feel that they have nothing to share.

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Show Notes:

  • [06:27] Why you should be selfish with your recovery. 
  • [09:21] Tom talks about his opportunity to help others in Bell Glade.
  • [15:44] Ben speaks about the medallion ceremony, the thoughts and the hard work behind those who have earned their medallion. 
  • [18:20] How Ben figured out he wanted to start helping and mentoring others through sobriety. 
  • [20:02] People who want to help others versus people who aren’t interested in helping others. 
  • [21:44] What Ben would say to people who think they have nothing to offer others. 
  • [24:56] No matter how much time we have, there will always be someone with less time than us.
  • [26:44] Are you hanging out with someone at the same level as you or are you branching out and meeting new people?
  • [30:18] No matter what way, shape or form, reach out to help other people!

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