Ep. 176 – What Is Proper Structure in Sober Living With Crazy Keith

Tom and Benjamin B. are joined by Keith. Keith is a rockstar when he plays the guitar. He is also here to talk about why it’s so important to have structure within sober living. There are some places that don’t have any structure, but a guy like Keith could whip them into shape really fast.

Keith is a behavioral health tech. He has also been a house manager, and he is a recovering addict. He tells it like it is, but is able to do it in a way where he doesn’t offend people and is able to gain the respect of the clients. This episode is a great insight into how structure can help someone move forward with their life.

Show Notes

  • [03:00] Ben and Keith have known each other for at least three years now. Keith is also in recovery, and he is a behavioral health tech.
  • [03:12] Keith is known for some methods that are tied into the structure and regimen that we are going to be talking about today.
  • [03:30] Keith is an addict. He came to Florida in 2013 from a homeless shelter. This is where he first learned to start having a regimen.
  • [04:16] He didn’t want to be drunk, high, and irresponsible anymore.
  • [05:12] Get up in the morning, make your bed, do your dishes, take a shower, and take care of yourself.
  • [05:42] A lot of clients that we deal with tend to be a little bit spoiled. Keith had limited resources, but took what was available and applied what he needed to.
  • [07:06] Keith was grateful to have a roof over his head at the homeless shelter when it was snowing outside.
  • [08:04] Keith lost everything and anything that came to him after that he considers a gift.
  • [10:27] Tom and Ben both started this text as well.
  • [10:47] Keith demands respect, and he is very straightforward with his clients.
  • [12:53] Clients spend 90% of the day with the techs, and it might just be the most important position here.
  • [13:53] You have to think about what the client is going through.
  • [15:18] People aren’t perfect. Who runs treatment centers? People.
  • [17:03] The work actually starts after you get sober.
  • [17:34] A house manager is someone with a certain amount of sobriety time. This is one of the hardest positions to find.
  • [19:13] It’s really a job on top of a job.
  • [20:28] Being a house manager was an opportunity that Keith took while he was also working another full-time job.
  • [20:42] This was his opportunity to make things different and fix things that were wrong when he was a client.
  • [22:02] Keith has flipped mattresses, and even set up a guy’s entire room in a gazebo.
  • [24:04] Keith is always involved in exciting stuff, and his life looks like a blast. The clients seem to pick up on that.
  • [25:00] He’ll go diving and jump out of a plane all in one day. He has also broken every bone in his body.
  • [26:34] Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.
  • [29:05] Experience is what Keith had to bring to the table.
  • [31:25] There is meant to be confrontation in treatment. The job is to give people the opportunity to utilize coping skills.
  • [33:15] It’s a client’s responsibility to contribute to the safety of the treatment program.
  • [34:07] There are people from all walks of life with every defect in the house.
  • [36:22] Keith has opinions that bring truth and help the treatment plan have balance.
  • [41:41] Keith is from the Bronx. He presents himself for who he is.

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