Ep. 183 – JP Burton – Gaining control of his life through sobriety

“I’ve built routines here at Rock Recovery Center that I still have today.” -JP

Today, Ben and I are chatting with JP Burton, an alumnus of Rock Recovery Center. We speak about essential life skill development that accompanies the treatment process and the road to recovery. Listen to our conversation about prayer, meditation, and positive lifestyle changes that have stayed with JP through his treatment and beyond.

JP’s History and What Led Him to Drug Use

Before drugs, JP enjoyed a life full of family, a home, and a comfortable lifestyle. Through his addiction, he lost his home, his relationship with his children and wrecked or sold his vehicles. By the time he was admitted into treatment in November of 2019, JP was homeless, and the only item he owned was the clothing on his back.

Putting Addiction First

JP acknowledges that he didn’t lose his family, homes, and cars. He readily admits that he had a choice and gave away all that he had. “No one was holding a gun to my head, I just gave it all away.” When he first went to treatment, he was healing from a compound fracture to his leg and started walking in detox. “You’ve never seen someone so excited about treatment.” However, when he finally was able to get drugs out of his body, he realized he needed to change his mindset if he could survive and thrive after addiction.

It’s not a Drug Problem, It’s a Personality Problem

Ben says that his mentor told him that he didn’t have a drug problem; he had a personality problem. After years and years of repeated patterns and behavior, learning to become sober long-term equates to creating changes in thinking. You can put down the alcohol and drugs, but remember that this takes time to find and replace negative habits with positive habits.

Building New Routines for His New Life

JP has never missed a day of routine since he came to Rock Recovery Center. He wakes up at 5 am, prays, and reads. Then, he’s off to the gym to work out. Establishing this routine and making an effort to meet others who are also in recovery has helped him rebuild his life step-by-step and give him the ability to make his world better.

Listen in and find out why community is a big part of a successful recovery, why helping others with their sobriety brings joy to JP, and why JP believes that routine is vital for successful sobriety.

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Show Notes:

  • [03:34] Why JD decided to put drugs first and lose everything.
  • [04:33] Playing the victim role when we lose material goods to drugs.
  • [07:38] When alcohol or drugs take over your life, you start to lose the ability to choose. 
  • [10:24] The realization of what life is like without drugs and alcohol.
  • [14:12] How JP’s mindset changed once he was at Rock Recovery Center.
  • [16:10] Building new routines for a more successful life.
  • [21:18] Buying into the process of routine and becoming a member of the community.
  • [26:12] Why JP wants to help as many people become sober as possible. 
  • [30:03] JP’s routine and why it keeps him moving forward in his sobriety. 
  • [36:00] What to look for if you’re searching for a good recovery center for your loved one.

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