Ep. 185 – Kevin W- Shares about anxiety, cutting treatment short and having a psychic change

“One day I broke into tears and told my dad I can’t stop drinking and I needed help.” -Kevin

Today, Ben and I are chatting with Kevin, who is an alumnus of Rock Recovery Center. Listen in and find out how Kevin could move past his anxiety, which was the cause of his alcoholism, and move into a life of sobriety. Learn how Kevin is making amends with those he hurt while he was alcoholic, and how he is giving back by supporting other members who are recovering. 

Dealing with Severe Anxiety

Although Kevin never was an alcoholic growing up, he discovered that he suffered from severe anxiety and noticed that when he had alcohol, he wouldn’t have panic attacks or other anxiety fallout. In addition, he would also experience anxiety when he came down off of the alcohol he drank, causing his condition to worsen and Kevin to drink more often.

Drinking Alcohol to Reduce Panic Attacks

At the age of 31, Kevin worked at a local high school when he had a severe panic attack that lasted a week. His doctor put him on an SSRI, which helped, and he could go back to work.

A year later, he was drinking daily and wasn’t able to work at all. Working for his father, Kevin had to tell him he was an alcoholic and needed help. Not knowing about detox facilities, Kevin went to his local hospital, which admitted him for a high heart rate for several days from his anxiety. Two months later, he was back in the hospital from heavy drinking and using cocaine.

Outpatient Treatment

He attended an intensive outpatient treatment but did not identify as an alcoholic. Although the center recommended that Kevin take an AA program, he refused to go to meetings. 

After trying three centers, including a PHP center, he was only clean for three days until he went back to drinking. Kevin finally found freedom from his addiction at Rock Recovery Center in 2021.

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Show Notes:

  • [04:36] Kevin introduces himself and gives his backstory.
  • [11:42] Anxiety as an underlying issue to alcoholism.
  • [15:48] Drinking intermittently to calm a week-long panic attack.
  • [20:40] Progression from alcohol to cocaine and other dry goods drugs.
  • [23:05] How Kevin started drinking and how his alcoholism progressed with his anxiety.
  • [29:05] Going through the levels of care to get to recovery.
  • [32:29] Back into drinking when living at home with his parents post-recovery.
  • [33:30] Red flags and issues that Kevin had when he came to Rock Recovery Center.
  • [41:11] Being of service to others by driving them to meetings.
  • [43:01] Coming up on one year of sobriety!
  • [48:22] How Kevin has turned around his life since coming to Rock Recovery Center.

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