Ep. 190 – The First 30 Days of Treatment

Here we are with Real Recovery Talk! Do you know someone who is considering going to a treatment facility for up to 30 days? Today, I’m going to talk about how you most likely won’t be cured by going to treatment for 30 days. There are a few people who have been successful after just 30 days; however, they are few and far between.

The first day of treatment consists of detox, which generally ranges from day one to day seven. Detox can vary from one to fourteen days, depending on the individual and specific variables. Variables that can affect the length of detox are the types of drugs you are using, how long you are using drugs, the vehicle of use of drugs. For example, are you using drugs IV, orally? Similar variables apply to alcohol, with some additional factors such as drinking alone or with others.

A detox facility is a safe place where you can get meals, medical attention, and be in a safe environment when you detox. During this time, your body will start to repair the damage inflicted by drugs and alcohol. From this point, you can now transfer to a residential facility where you will be day and night for treatment.

You may have a behavioral technician keeping tabs on you every 15 minutes when you join the residential treatment program. This part of the team makes sure everyone is safe and comfortable. They also ensure that you are getting to your programs, meetings, and medical appointments on time. This period is known as a “drying out period.”

Therapy is still minimal, as you are usually not yet ready to start treatment. At this stage, you’re detoxed and are moving toward creating a support group, getting to know your peers, and your therapist.

Next, you’ll need to figure out your personal triggers. What are your triggers? Are there specific environments in which your triggers are set off? Have you developed tools in your toolbox to deal with these triggers and to keep your calm in anxious situations? Have you considered your role or your family dynamics when dealing with triggers and healing from addiction?

Listen in to find out why the first thirty days of recovery only scratch the surface. Understand why recovery is a process in which each individual needs to move through at their own pace. Learn why you’ll need to continue healing and be consistent to work through previous trauma and have a successful recovery.

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Show Notes:

  • [05:48] What the first seven days of treatment will most likely be for an addict in recovery.
  • [06:05] Variables which affect the length and severity of detox.
  • [09:28] The next phase of your healing: moving to a residential facility.
  • [12:24] You may have spent multiple years becoming an addict, you will most likely spend months if not years to recover to the point of not falling back to your addiction.
  • [14:41] Have you identified your triggers? If so, what are coping skills you are using to calm your reaction to your triggers?
  • [16:48] An example of what shouldn’t happen when you come in for recovery.
  • [19:42] We work with clients for three to four months on a continual basis to continue their recovery process.

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