Ep. 193 – Vince has been to 10+ treatment centers – What will be different this time?

In today’s episode, Ben and I talk with Vince, a 25-year-old recovering addict from Philadelphia. He stole a bottle of vodka and drank the entire bottle in sixth grade. In the summer of his freshman year of high school, Vince started smoking pot. Cocaine became a weekend sports celebration during his junior year of high school. Vince became an addict after his team coach gave him a prescription narcotic drug in his second college year.

Vince was involved in sports as early as he could remember. His family consisted of three sisters, one of the older and two of them younger than him. Both of his parents were supportive of him and good, hard-working people. “Growing up, I was instilled with morals and values.” He was brought up to respect elders, women, and to have good social manners.

“I remember going to this fight in third grade. Everybody started cursing and fighting. Immediately after that, I said my first curse word, then I went home and started watching fighting videos.” He isn’t sure if this one incident brought him down a negative road, but his life was very different after this experience. The next year in fourth grade, he ended up getting kicked out of school for fighting. “I was fighting and cursing and doing things kids that age shouldn’t be doing.”

He felt a purpose playing sports as he was always asked to play with the older kids in the next league up. “Everything on the outside just mattered so much, and I thought that was who I was. I thought that I was based on all external things.” However, if anything went wrong, he immediately turned to anger and aggression, which he remembers his father modeling for him at an early age.

His school discipline record was horrible. However, the school let him slide because of his athletic abilities. Vince remembers not having any consequences for fighting during his high school years. This enabled him to continue this behavior, along with smoking pot with his friends.

Listen in as Vince tells his story of how he lost his scholarship to Rutgers, what happened when he became addicted to opiate drugs, and his multiple attempts at getting sober.

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Show Notes:

  • [03:09] Vince talks about his past experiences growing up in Philadelphia.
  • [07:11] His first experience drinking in sixth grade.
  • [13:33] Social acceptance and drug culture.
  • [15:21] Personal identity associated with career for men.
  • [18:25] Vince had his first experience with opiate drugs his senior year in high school.
  • [19:45] He started stealing from his family to buy more opiate drugs.
  • [25:11] The “Florida Shuffle” moving on from the treatment facility to another facility.
  • [28:40] Ben talks about the incredible recovery culture in Florida.
  • [33:10] Why Vince having his daughter wasn’t enough to keep him sober.
  • [37:01] Sobriety and addiction and how these two can easily interchange. 
  • [40:13] What is different for Vince in this recovery process?
  • [43:42] His biggest fears for the recovery process.
  • [45:27] Vince’s spiritual AA experience.

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