Ep. 194 – Sher Canada Gets Her Life Back at Age 58

“You’ve got to surrender – I came here and gave it all up to you.” -Sher

Today, Ben and I chatted with Sher Canada, a former client at Rock Recovery Center. We could tell that she was someone special shortly after she arrived at Rock Recovery. In our interview with Sher, you’ll find out how addicts can recover into an exciting life with a purpose and not have to live their sober days bored and complacent. 

Early Life with an Alcoholic Mother

When she was young, Sher discovered the slew of alcohol bottles her mom hid in their bathroom. She remembers almost being killed in car accidents and then becoming “mom” to her siblings at age 14 when her mom went away to rehab. 

She decided to move to Miami to attend college, drove to Miami from her home in Nebraska, and started working in retail. “I always liked to have nice things,” says Sher. In addition, she also loved to make women feel beautiful. As a result, she was able to sell and moved up in ranks. Sher eventually became VP of the hottest retail company in the US by the time she was 30.

Deciding to Take Alcohol Out of Her Life

Living in California, she married her personal trainer. Having to travel often for work, she didn’t realize that her husband had become an alcoholic. When her husband lied to her about his addiction, she moved out the same day. With her dad an alcoholic, her mom a recovered alcoholic, and her sister also an alcoholic, Sher didn’t want to perpetuate the alcoholism in her life. 

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Show Highlights

  • [02:45] Sher’s childhood with an alcoholic mother.
  • [11:33] Striking a balance between serving addicts and family life. 
  • [21:57] Retiring at the age of 56, Sher joined a tennis club and started drinking.
  • [25:06] Her partner starts to realize she is drinking too much. 
  • [35:55] Figuring out what you love to do and make money at it for your career.
  • [37:10] Sher’s partner moves out and leaves alcohol recovery center information behind.
  • [44:03] Her first few days at Rock Recovery Center.
  • [56:36] No matter how successful you are, alcohol and drugs can bring you down in life.
  • [61:33] Finding her sponsor through the AA program.

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