Ep. 196 – Starting an Addiction During College

“I have a place that I was comfortable with that I was already a part of for my recovery.” -Reed

Today, Ben and I chatted with Reed, who tells his story about how his addiction started in college. Raised locally in Palm Beach Gardens, Reed had a good life growing up with loving parents who gave him many opportunities in life. However, with his parents being conservative regarding drinking, Reed didn’t get drugs and alcohol from his parents. 

Experimenting with Drugs

While in high school, Reed did drink and smoke weed, but drugs and alcohol weren’t a big problem at this point in his life. However, when he went to the University of Mississippi, he started to heavily get into drugs and alcohol. In his second year at university, his roommate sold multiple forms of hard drugs. 

With easy access to drugs and alcohol, it was easy for Reed to become addicted to his personality. “That opened the door of my first year of solid, heavy drug use.” When his house was raided by the DEA, and his roommate passed away from an overdose, Reed was charged, went to jail, and left school. 

Talking to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

Reed agrees with us when we talk about being overly strict with your kids about drugs and alcohol, especially in teen years. Instead of telling them not to do anything, be open and frank with your children and have discussions with them about the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol. 

When kids aren’t allowed to do anything and have a very restrictive home life, they will generally go out and start to party hard out of control because they were too sheltered in high school.

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Show Highlights

  • [06:04] Starting by experimenting with drugs and alcohol during his high school years.
  • [09:48] Reed’s progression from college drinking and drugs to DEA raids.
  • [21:27] Why being a helicopter parent can persuade your kids to do drugs.
  • [32:19] Entering into his first treatment program.
  • [41:27] Needing a geographical change depends on your home life.
  • [50:11] We discuss the pros and cons of methadone.
  • [57:46] Speaking to other through AA to educate college students on drugs and alcohol.

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