Ep. 198 – Addicted to Meth – Devin shares his story

“Addiction is so big in our society right now that it’s best that you let loved ones know that they can have help. They can receive help, and they can do this. It doesn’t have to kill them.” -Devin

Today, Ben and I chatted with Devin, who’s an example of getting back on track. He began drug usage during childhood, and found himself in prison later. Devin gathered the strength to face himself and the beast within. He doesn’t do it alone, but with the help of the people around him. Listen in as he talks about using drugs to feel a void, getting back on track after a relapse, and how families can help their loved ones through treatment.

Too Much Time on His Hands

Isolation created a gap in Devin’s childhood of growing up in Atlanta, GA. He raised himself since 5th grade while his family was busy with work and life. His family’s absence made him yearn to be noticed. Devin felt lost despite knowing his family was working to give him a better life, especially his father.

Devin smoked his first joint around the age of 13. As he experimented with different substances and alcohol, it progressed into something he wanted to do every day. Devin thought the drugs and alcohol changed the way he felt. Besides that, he had a lot of time on his hands, and a gap in his life to fill. 

Devin tried Xanax at 15, and then Cocaine at 18. All his experimenting led him to using Meth at age 20. He lived with this addiction, even while in prison. After prison, he felt the urge to change his relationship with substances.

Family and friends became a major inspiration for Devin receiving guidance about treatment, and even helping him get back on track after a relapse. Devin managed the beast within by refusing to give up on himself.

A Message to Families and Friends

Since family and a supportive community played a role in Devin’s treatment, he encourages other families about their role in a loved one’s recovery journey. Structure and accountability are needed in recovering and maintaining sobriety. Devin mentions the small routines, like making his bed, that helps him along the way. With the belief from himself and people around him, Devin is able to keep getting back on track day by day.

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Show Highlights

  • [02:12] – How early did Devin start experimenting with substances 
  • [05:07] – Isolation can influence substance abuse
  • [08:46] – What did Devin’s aunt say to him to help him get treatment
  • [12:13] – A relapse occurs when he thinks he has his drug usage under control 
  • [18:30] – What was Devin’s mindset when he restarted his program against drug usage
  • [21:24] – Here are steps to support loved ones through treatment

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