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Ep. 48 – Mark Smelly Bell: Founder and CEO of Super Training Gym and The Slingshot: Using fitness and nutrition to help with your addiction

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“A strong why will help you figure out how to get things done.” -Mark Bell Click To Tweet

I am in West Sacramento, CA with Mark Bell of Super Training Gym. Mark is a powerlifter and entrepreneur who has had his own experiences with addiction. In this episode, Mark shares his early exposure to addiction and talks about how everybody needs something to hold onto while overcoming addiction.

Mark shares all kinds of knowledge like how exercise and nutrition can make everything better and the importance of looking into why you have certain behaviors. Mark is a husband, father, gym owner, powerlifter, inventor, podcaster, and inspiring guy. This podcast is packed with knowledge and inspiration that will help anyone start to look at addiction in a different light and make positive changes towards their life.

“Anyone who has ever been addicted or who has dealt with addiction knows that there's a breaking point where they don't want to deal with it anymore.” -Mark Bell Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [01:34] I am with Mark Bell of the Super Training Gym in West Sacramento, CA.
  • [01:55] Training here has been a huge deal for me. I have been following Mark for 5 or 6 years. I wanted to get into powerlifting.
  • [03:28] When people get clean and sober they want to change everything. I tell them to take it slow. The men always want to get jacked.
  • [04:09] Mark’s first experience with addiction. There was a lot in his family and he recognized it at a very young age.
  • [04:56] Every year they dreaded going to Marks Mom’s side of the family’s house, but then they enjoyed going to his Dad’s side of the family’s house.
  • [06:35] As a kid, Mark was always slightly uneasy when he went to his mom’s family’s house.
  • [06:57] A lot of his mom’s family struggled with addiction.
  • [11:44] There’s always a possibility that your child could end up being addicted to something.
  • [12:48] Addicted people are no longer really in control.
  • [14:22] If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol try to find one thing that you can hold on to like lifting weights or something.
  • [16:21] When people give up drugs and alcohol it’s like losing their best friend.
  • [19:38] Sometimes Mark likes to get away from weight lifting and focus on his health.
  • [21:33] A lot of great things happen when you’re forced to do something. A strong why will help you figure out how.
  • [25:08] Hold on to something and tell yourself that you have the discipline to do something until it is finished.
  • [28:18] Why would you continue to do something that’s harming other people in your life that you care for?
  • [29:47] When you are addicted to something that suffocates you and consumes your life in your time.
  • [36:48] People need to distinguish what being sober means to them. It’s your own internal definition of what being sober means. Kratom could be a new addiction, it depends on why people use it.
  • [42:34] Nutrition and exercise can be helpful towards any problem that you have.
  • [44:40] What you put in your mouth is going to directly affect how you feel.
  • [47:14] People in active addiction can’t take ownership of anything and everything is someone else’s fault.
  • [49:04] Constant movement promotes constant movement. Do more be more.
  • [50:11] Move a muscle change a thought. If you lay around on the couch all day that’s exactly what you’re going to get.
  • [51:16] A 10-minute walk is a great life lesson because you can do 10 minutes of anything.
  • [52:23] Look into why you’re not doing the things that you should be doing. If you just do the things you’re supposed to do, even if you don’t want to do them, you will be so much further ahead of everyone else.
  • [55:04] Coming clean with pornography addiction is very difficult. Even more difficult than coming clean with alcohol or drug use.
  • [55:34] You have to be careful about what you put in your brain.
  • [57:16]  Mark usually does his personal development stuff from 4 to 6 a.m. This includes drinking some water maybe going outside going for a walk or listening to a podcast.
  • [59:10] He plans his days in advance, so he can get done what he wants to get done.
  • [59:43] He then cooks for his kids, goes to some meetings, gets to work out, and create his podcast.
  • [01:02:04] Mark tries to get people excited about fitness even though it’s a long painful process.
  • [01:02:50] Mark can take wisdom that he learned from lifting and apply it to other areas of life.
  • [01:03:35] Gain knowledge on the things you love to do and have those be part of your life.
  • [01:04:36] Everyone possesses the ability to learn, gain more knowledge, and be stronger. Our abilities are endless once we open up our minds.
  • [01:05:20] The more you can learn about yourself the more you can help other people.
  • [01:05:57] If you are struggling right now reach out and ask for help.
  • [01:06:46] If you recognize that someone has an addiction problem, take them out to lunch and see what’s going on.
“Anyone can get addicted to anything at any moment. We should always be on the lookout because too much of any one thing isn't great.” -Mark Bell Click To Tweet

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