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Ep. 64 – Josh Gamaitoni: From Janitor to National Director of Business Development

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“I was really truly broken, and I really just wanted to get sober.” -Josh Gamaitoni Click To Tweet

Josh Gamaitoni is here today. Josh is the National Director of Business Development for Banyan Treatment Center. Josh has helped so many people and is a legend in the treatment world. It wasn’t always that way, though. Josh started doing drugs when he was 10 and went on a downward spiral as he grew up. He eventually tried some treatment options, but nothing stuck until he decided that getting sober was something he was going to stick to for a year.

After getting sober, he became a janitor at a church. He also realized that being sober was something that he enjoyed and made it a permanent lifestyle choice. His confidence also grew, and he became sincerely interested in talking to people and helping them. Eventually, he began working in treatment and became the legend he is today. Josh and Tom also go way back as they got sober together at the same time and the same place. Ben joins them for this inspirational conversation.

“A lot of times it's beneficial for people to go to other parts of the country for their recovery.” -Josh Gamaitoni Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • [04:23] Josh started using drugs at 10 years old and went down a rapid path of addiction. He got sober around 21 years old. This was the first real program he went into.
  • [07:01] He used afterwards, and needed help. He was broken and really wanted to get sober and do something in his life.
  • [08:42] He is a firm believer in getting away. Going to South Florida helped Josh.
  • [10:15] He got into a really great program. He did 45 days and moved into a recovery home. HOP is a house of principles.
  • [17:12] It’s beneficial to get out of your own backyard when you are going into recovery.
  • [20:15] If you surround yourself with people who you want to be like, do what they do.
  • [21:57] Josh realized he did have a drinking problem. He had an anything that made him feel better problem.
  • [24:01] Josh became a janitor at the church. He soon learned how to talk to people and eventually, he became the National Director of Business Development at Banyan Treatment.
  • [28:58] Josh manages and helps people do what he does. He also goes to the clinics and shares his story.
  • [33:06] Communication skills are so important. We need to talk to people in a way that they are able to receive that.
  • [33:43] Trust and transparency are very important, because people need to feel safe and know that you have their best interest at heart.
  • [37:37] It’s okay to take the time and see a therapist. It’s okay to not be okay and do what it takes to feel better.
  • [40:22] Josh is a huge fan of interventions. It’s planned chaos. There are different approaches. You can usually find one that works.
  • [47:29] Sometimes people are so crazy when they are out there, that they just need to be stopped. Also people sometimes don’t know what they want.
  • [50:50] How do you know you want sobriety if you’ve never been sober before?
  • [53:40] Josh spends his time today, helping people find sobriety. His wife is also a therapist. He loves what he does.
  • [01:00:16] Josh wants more resources available and one day there will be a way to help everyone that is lost.
  • [01:04:35] Holding the truth in his heart is one thing that has helped Josh during the trying times.
“When I first got here, I decided no matter what, I'm just going to do this for one year.” -Josh Gamaitoni Click To Tweet

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