Ep. 77 – Noah Kingery Transformational Truth His Battle With Addiction and His Extreme Weight Loss Journey

Noah Kingery is a living inspiration. He runs Nutrition Management with 100 clients worldwide. He is also only 26 years old, yet he has overcome addiction, gained and lost over 200 pounds, and started and stopped a successful fashion business. When Tom heard about Noah’s story, he knew he would be the perfect guest to have on the show to inspire listeners and clients.

In this episode, Tom and Noah talk about Noah’s story. The road to recovery. How different upbringings can affect addiction. And Noah shares a lot of wisdom around finding the right support and reasons to stay sober, overcome addiction, and focus on health. This is an inspirational story of success and missteps that are all part of life and living. We want to welcome Noah to the show!

Show Notes

[03:12] In 2007, Noah was playing soccer and chasing dreams. Noah wanted to escape and two years later he was drinking and doing drugs.
[04:42] Addiction takes anything good in your life and destroys it.
[05:47] Noah was born and raised in Bangalore, India. He has two sisters. His family never gave up on him through the addiction process.
[07:20] Noah also gained 210 pounds in one year. Food can be an addiction too.
[09:45] Noah worked in the fashion industry and was a functioning addict.
[14:04] Ridding yourself of guilt and shame and adding accountability is one stepping stone to getting out of addiction.
[16:25] People who cared deeply for Noah were shattered by his addiction.
[17:32] Building a disdain for the addictive lifestyle can be incredibly strong fuel for making the right decisions.
[18:20] In 2014, Noah ended up under financial investigation. He knew it was time to get sober and rebuild his integrity.
[19:28] He used the gym and quiet time with the lord as sanctuary for release. A year later, he lost the weight and the problems were fixed.
[21:13] He was under house arrest, so it changed his environment and allowed him to make drastic changes in his life.
[23:30] He showed up and pushed through even when he didn’t feel like it.
[25:16] In 2016, he closed the door on the fashion industry.
[26:19] His relationships hold him up and help him stay sober.
[28:11] When people get sober one of the first things they want to get back is money.
[29:39] He started Nutrition Management and had 13 clients. He wasn’t sure if this was going to be a passion or a career. He was all in and wanted to do it full time.
[31:58] He now has 50 clients overseas and 50 clients in the US.
[32:32] Start to steward small things and it will add up.
[36:47] Whenever urges for emotional eating start to come back, Noah reaches out to his support system.
[39:13] It’s so important to have one person that you can talk to on a deep emotional level.
[42:37] Identify what you’re running from. Identify what you want to accomplish. Deeply root how good it feels to make optimal decisions for your life. Find your purpose and your passion.
[45:31] Remember how much work you had to do to get to where you are now. Recovery capital. The longer you are sober, the more likely you are to stay sober.
[53:25] Noah is grateful for this opportunity and wants Tom to continue to create the impact that he is creating.
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