Ep. 83 – Can I CURE My Addiction?

People often say, why don’t you just stop using? It’s obvious what it’s doing to your life and the lives of those around you. If curing addiction where that easy, everyone would do it and addiction issues wouldn’t be an issue. We all know that addiction is an issue and has a strong hold on many.

This episode goes into the reasons why it’s impossible to just cure addiction. We talk about how humans are programmed for pleasure, how drinking initially feels good, how it can turn into something that is almost impossible to stop, and more. People have a lot of different opinions about this topic. I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to weigh in with your opinion.

Show Notes:

[03:17] Human beings are programmed for pleasure and like to feel good. Drugs and alcohol give people a euphoric feeling that they enjoy.
[04:32] The problem is that the good feeling eventually turns into problems like DUIs, lost relationships, withdrawal symptoms, and so on.
[05:08] That first sip of alcohol can make us feel good and limit inhibitions. We love that dopamine hit.
[06:01] People also have addiction with relationships. If we don’t address the underlying issues, we’ll just look for something else to make us feel good.
[06:54] The underlying issue that’s fueling the addiction needs to be uncovered.
[07:25] People get addicted to things to avoid pain. When people stop drinking and drugging they have to deal with the pain without the substances.
[08:43] If we’re not getting clean and sober, and we’re experiencing emotional or physical pain, the only way to deal with it is drugs and alcohol.
[10:06] People always have multiple issues going on. As people get clean and sober it takes a lot of work to uncover the underlying issues. Anxiety and depression are very common.
[12:54] The system is often set up to punish people. There is nothing rehabilitating about going to jail. Drugs addict can find drugs in jail. Once again, the underlying issue needs to be addressed.
[14:12] Lack of purpose is a common issue with drug addicts. People need to feel like they have some type of purpose.
[16:25] Once the drugs and alcohol are gone, it’s time to figure out why you are here. Having something that you really enjoy will give you something to look forward to.
[18:34] It’s my opinion that addiction can’t be cured. It can be put at bay. It can be maintained, but it can’t be cured.
[19:30] If we’re willing to do the work, we can put the addiction on the shelf, but it’s unfair to say it can be cured.
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