Ep. 84 – SMART Recovery – Our Thoughts and Knowledge on It. Most Important, DO SOMETHING!

We’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions about SMART Recovery. So today, Tom and Ben discuss SMART Recovery along with why it’s important to do some type of treatment and get the help you need. You really just have to pick something, and then you have to do it.

Ben has attended a SMART Recovery meeting. He shares the acronym for SMART goals, and his opinion of the program. We also talk about how important it is to stick with whatever program you choose to get the results that will benefit you for your entire life.

Show Notes:

[03:49] Ben is an AA 12-Step guy through and through. He has also learned not to pigeon himself into one way and one way only.
[04:15] The acronym SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely when referring to goals.
[05:06] We want clients to be self-sufficient and find jobs. Finding a job isn’t specific, but filling out 10 applications is.
[07:11] You want your goals to be attainable and realistic.
[09:19] A lot of recovery programs are similar and related.
[09:58] SMART Recovery is also based on therapy. It’s based on three musts. I must or I’m a failure. You must treat me a certain way. I must not have pain, worry etc.
[11:12] Realistically you will feel negative feelings. You need to apply rational thoughts and reframe situations.
[13:23] SMART Recovery has an ABC. A is an activating event. B is a belief. C is the consequence. It’s a process of rational thinking.
[14:21] Ben went to a SMART Recovery meeting. It’s like group therapy without the therapist. They are run differently from state to state. There is consistency in 12-Step programs.
[20:09] Whatever program you are using, you need to go to the meetings and practice it. You have to give it time and an opportunity to work.
[23:25] Don’t say something doesn’t work until you’ve done the whole thing. If you do everything you are supposed to do, it will work.
[26:32] Don’t focus on the end date. Focus on the journey and the program.
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