Ep. 85 – Three Steps to Ensure Long Term Recovery

Getting sober and being sober is great, but how can you ensure that you’re going to have sustainable long-term sobriety and recovery? For those who struggle with relapse and can’t string together any substantial clean time, it becomes like a repetitive hamster wheel that they feel like they can’t get off of.

I’m on my ninth year of sobriety. For me, as time goes by, it’s easier to stay sober. This doesn’t mean I don’t have those low points that can make staying sober a challenge. It just means that I’ve found ways to help stay sober. Today, I’m going to discuss some techniques that I use to ensure that I have long lasting sobriety.

Show Notes:

[05:54] You have to understand that nothing about the process is easy, but the longer you go the easier it gets.
[07:05] I don’t want to lose any of the things that I’ve gained that has monetary value.
[08:30] Wants someone is getting sober and gets a job, it feels good to have money in their pocket.
[10:35] There will be challenges, but you need to be resilient.
[11:50] People who are sober get knocked down and they pick themselves up, they don’t go and get high. They do whatever they need to do to protect their sobriety.
[12:31] We need to learn to delay gratification.
[13:36] If I want something, I try to table it for 30 days and then if I’m still thinking about it, I’ll think about getting it.
[15:26] We need to slow down and understand what the steps are for as we work them not rush through them.
[16:35] I’ve also taken on new interests that are outside of the recovery world.
[18:58] I want to do things that I wouldn’t have done before I was sober. I want to experience what life has to offer.
[23:06] You have to have community. Not just community in your 12-step group. As human beings, we need to be surrounded by human beings.
[25:06] It’s even possible to isolate in a public place.
[25:37] In sobriety, you can’t isolate. You need to be around people that have gone through what you have gone through and gotten to the other side.
[26:31] It’s also great to have a community with your outside interests.
[27:36] You can still have friends who drink. We need people to help us reach our goals and be better people.
[28:57] Sobriety is going to be tough. Build some interests. Keep in fun. Experience new things. Build a community around you that you can reach out to.
[30:03] You will have low points and need people to help pick you up. If you do these things, you can maintain sobriety.
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