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Ep. 92 – Thankfulness with Benjamin B.

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My wife and I brought a beautiful baby girl, Winnie Margaret Conrad, into the world five weeks ago!

Ben and I want to talk about gratitude to give thanks to where the podcast has gone, how the show has helped people, and chat about our thankfulness. 

Certain concepts are hard for those in the grip of addiction to understand. One is the thought that their life can be turned around. Another is the idea that there is a positive side at the end of this time in your life.

Ben didn’t understand how someone could be a grateful recovering addict. He talks about how he crossed the line with drugs and alcohol. There wasn’t one particular moment which he remembers thinking he needed to change. He does, however, remember one instance shortly before his son’s first birthday, where the DEA came to his home and arrested him for drug use. Ben remembers thinking that he may be going away and would be locked up for an extended period. 

“Recovery must come first in my life” because, without his recovery, his family, child, or anything else isn’t going to work. Ben is thankful to find his purpose in helping other people. From sponsoring others to sobriety to reaching so many others and working with them to caring for a friend’s child when his mother died of a drug overdose, Ben is finding the world needs him in more ways than he had ever expected.

At one point, I felt that I was going to die an alcoholic. At 26 years old, with a hunting shotgun in the corner of my room, I thought to myself that I could quickly end my life right there in my room.

Don’t take the fear of living without drugs and alcohol take over your thoughts. Make a choice to overcome your fear and move forward with your recovery. Ben recalls his early recovery feeling like he didn’t have the strength physically, emotionally, or spiritually to make it through another minute.

Ben reiterates his “why” of being here because he now has a purpose. He holds onto resonating with his words, making sure he walks the walk and talks the talk. He often hears about new people in recovery, saying the right words in the group but then doesn’t follow through with actions. Ben believes that if they at least know the idea and realize they need to change their behavior, they will eventually move towards more positive behavior.

What we have talked about on this podcast is a reflection of the lives we have built for ourselves. We speak the language because we have been in their shoes. Ben can’t put into words what it was like to be an addict. Additionally, he cannot put words to how he feels about living his life without drugs and addiction.

If you’re struggling with the idea of sobriety and getting treatment, think about the opportunities which can lie ahead of you when you make a choice to change.

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Show Notes:

  • [02:38] Concepts which are hard for those in the grips of addiction to understand.
  • [03:12] What drove Ben nuts in early recovery.
  • [04:09] The point where you feel that something has to change in your life.
  • [05:35] Ben wasn’t being the man he knew he was capable of being.
  • [06:32] How Ben’s experiences have led him to the point at which he is living today.
  • [09:14] I tell my story about how I had bought into the concept that I would die an alcoholic.
  • [12:59] Ben’s work with people in recovery reminds him everyday how valuable his work is.
  • [15:52] I talk about suicide being the easy route to escape. 
  • [20:15] Why we publish this podcast.
  • [23:23] Addicts can relate to Ben and gives him a level of trust.
  • [29:35] Why having any drugs or alcohol is beneficial for Ben.

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