Ep. 186 – Cody W – His successes, finance and all things money and how it can impact our sobriety

finances and sobriety

Today, Ben and I are chatting with Cody, who has found sobriety to be extremely helpful when it comes to gaining traction around his finances. In todays podcast we will be discussing many topics including finances and sobriety!

Growing Up with Learning Disabilities

Cody had multiple learning disabilities in grade school growing up. Because of his learning disabilities and not getting support in the school system, Cody couldn’t make good grades. He wanted to play sports but could not get on a team because of his low marks in school. He quickly learned that smoking pot was a solution to lessen his school anxiety and found that it helped him in school.

Using Drugs in High School plus finances and sobriety

When he entered high school, Cody continued to use drugs. In addition, he also decided to make an income selling drugs. At one point, he was making a better income than his mom during his high school years.

Going to Prison for Drugs

Cody ended up in prison for violence, acting under the influence of drugs and alcohol from the age of 17 to 21. While in prison, another inmate introduced him to AA meetings. Even though he was in prison, Cody was able to easily access drugs and alcohol through the microeconomy of the prison.

Success and Addiction: Finances and sobriety

With his first success at age 21 creating an app, he was bringing in good money. However, since he was an addict, Cody says, “being an addict gave me no respect for the scenario, and I needed drugs and alcohol as the highlight of the situation. Drugs and alcohol always came first in my life.”

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Show Notes:

  • [03:00] Cody talks about his drug and alcohol use starting at an early age.
  • [04:16] Ramping up from using drugs to distributing drugs.
  • [07:32] Attending his first AA meeting in prison at the age of 19.
  • [12:34] Differences between jail and prison.
  • [17:37] Why drugs and alcohol make you violent.
  • [21:58] How addiction can take down the most successful people.
  • [30:01] Philanthropy in addiction and recovery.
  • [36:45] Reflecting on his previous decade of life and figuring out what he needs to do to make amends.
  • [44:11] Negotiating and figuring out how to get money when you’re an addict.
  • [47:34] Building blocks needed for an addict to recover their life.

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