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Real Recovery

Tom Conrad, CAC, CRRA
Owner, Founder, Chief Development Officer

Tom is the Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Owner who works with addicts and alcoholics to break free from the chains of addiction. Tom believes that in order to get and maintain sobriety, there needs to be a purpose and people need to enjoy being sober.

Tom has managed to break free from his own addictions and now makes it a priority to share his experiences with others through Rock Recovery Center.

Tom has been a Certified Addiction’s Counselor since 2013 and finds great enjoyment helping others through adventure and outdoor activities. Tom has built a life beyond belief since getting sober himself.  He is married, has 2 beautiful children and re-kindled his love for archery. Tom takes pride in his wins and loves showing others how they can do the same.

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Ben Bueno, CAC, CRRA
Chief Operations Officer

Ben Bueno is an individual who works with addicts and alcoholics by promoting inspiration.  When it comes to recovery, Ben believes in using the power of connection to help others accomplish sobriety and attain the deliverance of miracles.  Ben is an Addiction Studies graduate from Palm Beach State University and Certified Recovery Residence Administrator who has been working in the substance abuse field since early 2013.  Ben is well versed and has attained licensing/credentialing in all best-practices as sanctioned by the Joint Commission, Florida Association of Recovery Residences and Department of Children & Families.  Ben’s expertise in communicating with clients and residents is catapulted by his education, training, volunteer service work, and personal sobriety since late 2010.  Ben utilizes many methods for teaching recovery and facilitating groups.  These methods include spirituality, strengths-based, 12 steps, and adventure-based practices.  Ben utilizes some of his favorite hobbies such as fitness and surfing to connect with his clients.  For Ben, recovery is not a job, but a lifestyle that follows him twenty-four hours a day.

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Real Recovery Talk

David W

    

Great conversations... Very informative and insightful...filled with knowledge and diverse perspectives from Tom, Adam, Mark and Guests. Thanks so much for all the insights of Recovery Talk.

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First time homebuyer , 10/09/2017
Finally a real honest approach to addiction
Tom gets to the heart of the how’s why’s and what’s of addiction. I appreciate his raw approach on this topic especially in an industry saturated in lots of talk and little helpful solutions and action.