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Episode 94: The MAT Trap - Medically Assisted Treatment Pitfalls

    November 4, 2018 by ALREADYTOSERVGOD from United States

    Great conversations... Very informative and insightful...filled with knowledge and diverse perspectives from Tom, Adam, Mark and Guests. Thanks so much for all the insights of Recovery Talk.

  • An Honest Look at Addiction
    July 20, 2018 by P Desmond from United States

    As the father of a heroin addict, this show helps me understand all aspects of addition. They have a good balance of other addicts in recovery, licensed mental health counselors, and other co-dependent parents like me. This show challeneges and comforts me at the same time, as I realize I'm not alone and I need to stop doing what I've been doing in the past.

  • Finally a real honest approach to addiction
    October 10, 2017 by First time homebuyer from United States

    Tom gets to the heart of the how’s why’s and what’s of addiction. I appreciate his raw approach on this topic especially in an industry saturated in lots of talk and little helpful solutions and action.


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Is Methadone an Effective Treatment Option?

Are you considering Methadone or Suboxone as a way to treat heroin addiction for you or a loved one? Is this a safe way to beat an opioid addiction or will it only make the struggle more difficult?



Romantic Relationships in Early Recovery.

You'll hear from Renee who let a romantic relationship keep her from truly recovering and how her life changed when she focused on herself.



Co-Dependency and How it Effects Addiction

The dad of a heroin-addicted daughter shares how he discovered his co-dependency and the actions he took to help his daughter finally get into recovery treatment.


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Tom Conrad

Certified Addictions Counselor - recovering addict and alcoholic

Tom struggled for years with his own addiction to benzodiazepines as well as being an alcoholic. It wasn't until his life had become a complete mess and his father refused to support him any longer that Tom finally entered into addiction treatment. Today, Tom has been sober for 8 years and enjoys a life he never dreamed possible when he was locked in his addiction. He's a loving husband as well as the father of two beautiful children. Tom lives in Palm Beach County, FL where he serves as the Chief Business Development Director and Co-Owner at Rock Recovery Center.

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